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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odin's Light-Free Kindle Day

With over 600 downloads last month with the Free Kindle Day for Book One of the Zeke Proper Chronicles, Odin's Light, I had to do it again!  Beginning November 17-18, Odin's Light will be available for FREE...yes, FREE on Kindle. 

After you get your copy, you can enter for a chance to win my giveaway.  It is simple.  Read Odin's Light and then write a review on Amazon.  On December 1st, all new reviews after the November 17th will be eligible to win a signed, paperback copy of Odin's Light as well as Book Two of the Zeke Proper Chronicles, The Serpent's Ship. 

Check back for more information on the giveaway and the announcement of the winner on December 1st and don't forget to check out my website, "like" The Zeke Proper Chronicles on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter @camgang817.

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